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CelicaTech FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

General Decorum

1. While the membership to CelicaTech.com is open globally, CelicaTech.com is an English language community. Members are to post in acceptably legible English only. Guidelines for acceptably legible English posts include such common sense items as sentence structure and paragraphs that use both upper and lower case letters, word and line spacing, punctuation, and reasonable grammar as needed for ease of reading the post.

2. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a civil and appropriate manner that encompasses, but is not restricted to the following:

a) No repeated cursing, profanity, expressions of bigotry. Attempts to bypass the word filter, or to disguise inappropriate content through the use of alternate characters does not negate the intended action. Upon violation of this rule, moderators may warn or discipline the member. The violative post may be edited, deleted, or moderated without prior notification.
b) No posts, threads, or PMs intended to be antagonistic, insulting or intolerant of other members or staff are allowed. Members are not to stalk, abuse, or intimidate other members. The actions described are also termed spamming, flaming, and trolling and violate site rules. Communications intended to coerce or deceive others into site violations or illegal activity will not be tolerated.
c) The CelicaTech community is open to any persons with access to the Internet. Children are among the membership; accordingly there is zero tolerance for pornography, nudity, indecency, or sexually predatory behavior. Any transgressors will be permanently banned and their IP address blocked.
d) In offering help and advice to fellow members, non-staff members are not to act as staff. Members are to respect site staff at all times.
e) Commercial spam will be deleted, the username permanently banned and reported to an anti-spam service. f) If a memberís violative actions are of an especially egregious nature, CelicaTech reserves the right to present evidentiary materials of violative or illegal activities to any memberís Internet Service Provider for further action.

Posting Rules & Guidelines

Posts themselves should be made following additional rules and guidelines.

a) Before posting your question, use the SEARCH function. Look through the site Tutorials, Guides, and FAQs
b) When posting, the post should be made in the appropriate Forum or Tutorial Thread. Such posts will either be moved to the correct area or deleted.
c) Members are to post their question/problem only one time in the correct area. Multiple or duplicate posts will be deleted. Repeated or deliberate flouting of this rule will result in time in the Reading Room or a ban.
d) Responses depend on the availability, expertise, and good-nature of other members and staff.
e) Interjecting your post into another memberís individual Question/problem Thread is termed ďhijackingĒ and may be ignored, deleted, or result in disciplinary action.
f) Do not post your problem asking for response by PM or Email. Responses should be made by posts available for all members to read and learn.
g) Should you post a response to a query that provides a link, that link should be directly to the open source material and not just to another information forum of an outside Website.
h) Posts that do not pose a question should be contributory to the thread or site. Posts with no meaningful content will be deemed to be an effort to increase post count and will be deleted. Repeated posts of this nature will result in disciplinary action.
i) No commercial advertising is allowed. Exceptions to this are made for authorized sponsors and others given explicit permission.
j) Neither threads nor posts designed to another website or the memberís own private site are allowed without administrator permission.
k) Do not post links or invitations to posts or sites with illegal content, nudity, or adult content. Violation will result in an immediate permanent ban.

Member Rights, Recourse, and Opportunities

1. If you are subjected to objectionable behavior, do not become involved in an exchange of words. You have the option to report the objectionable post. Located at the bottom of each memberís Username/Avatar area is a series of icons. To report a post, use the red-outlined triangle icon ( ) to report a post.
2. Members are not allowed to pursue a public argument over a decision made by a staff member. You ARE, however, allowed to send a polite PM to the staff member or another more senior staff member to state the reasons for your disagreement with the decision. A polite, well-written PM of explanation or protest will be reviewed and considered.
3. CelicaTech administrators chooses its staff upon the basis of observation over time. While members are not to PM moderators asking to become a moderator, a polite post in the Applications Desk thread (When open) indicating your interest in becoming a moderator or other site staff, your qualifications and experience, and a brief background or introductory statement is acceptable.
4. Members in good standing are allowed one and only one account. Members are responsible for any and all actions made under the account.
5. Routine searches are conducted for multiple accounts or an IP address with multiple registrations.
6. A permanent ban means just that; it is permanent and the former member is not to open another account. Detection of an effort to bypass the rules will result in immediate, permanent ban of the member and the IP address.
7. Members under any disciplinary action, except that of a ban, retain the right to PM the moderator and politely protest the punishment.
8. Members in good standing are eligible to participate in site contests, providing any contest-specific requirements are also met.
9. Members are allowed to personalize their posts by displaying a signature banner. There is to be no commercial advertisement unless one is a site sponsor or explicit permission has been granted. Images, text, or usernames deemed indecent, vulgar, objectionable or otherwise inappropriate by the site staff are not allowed and will be removed without prior notification. Members breaking these rules may be both personally and IP banned.

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