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    I broke off the retracting antenna with my garden hose. I prefer a natural body curve. I don't think modern radios need it.

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    fuel sender, power steering pump, speedo cable LOL rust and much much more

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    Four 5th Gen Celicas in the family. I can't think of a single thing that is broken or doesn't work on any of them. That would include fluid leaks or any kind of rust anywhere on any of them. The fleet:

    I have 2 right now, a restored 1993 Celica GT automatic convertible with every option available at the time, and a 1992 Celica GT-S hatch-back automatic with every option available at the time in a pretty great original (unrestored condition). The only part broken (actually missing) was the shift override interlock button cover on the vert (1993 was the first year the shift override interlock button did not stick up through the shift console, but instead was under a protective cover, and 1993 was the last year of the 5th Gen, so finding a cover (a shop lost it replacing the A/C evaporator, condenser, dryer, etc.) took a long time until finding one in Michigan). The 92 GT-S was actually from my son, who bought it from the original owner, who kept it in emaculate condition, and we just did some minor repairs on it. Paint is partly original and partly updated on the GT-S, and after a long buffing period, looks pretty much the same across the entire body. Vert was appraised at $10,000.00 two years ago, GT-S appraised at $8,800.00 a year ago. My son sold the GT-S to me as he was changing direction going to the All-Tracs.

    My son currently has (2) 1990 Celica All-Tracs. One is a burgundy metalflake original with around 80,000 miles, all possible options of that year, completely original, an Arizona car that had only ultraviolet light impact on the interior impacting its appearance. He replaced the interior with identical leather color, except the high-lanolin type from Italy. We went through the mechanicals and interior (small things, like all hoses replaced, all fluids changed, timing belt and tensioners and seals, etc.), resuspended the door woofers (System 10, just like all of mine, except the raido/CD system was a 2-piece setup where mine being newer than 1990 with the one-piece 2-din 86120-33110 head units). While the paint is not perfect on the burgundy All-Trac, there are no dents and no rust, just some paint chips. Pretty much a survivor. And, my son's second All-Trac is also a 1990, all possible options, Super Red, just a little over 100,000 miles, was a Florida car until an east-coast buyer bought it and stored it on the bottom of a 2-level garage and never checked on it (the upper garage floor was cracked, and the east coast 2nd owners daily drivers dripping with snow & salt from the area had dripped on the breathable cover on the All-Trac below for a couple decades, and the car started to rust from the top down). MY son bought it anyway, and as fate would have it, another All-Trac was being sold that was a typical rust body from the bottom up, so he was able to merge the two into a fully restored single, all original, having all the mechanicals done as his maroon car, interior also (same grey leather replacement with high-lanolin leather from Italy), put rally-cross correct wheels from the time these 5th Gen All-Tracs were winning some of those races, and has quite a trophy now. Just need to get the steering wheel re-leathered (will happen this fall) and a new or cleaned lens for the instrument cluster (have several saved for this), and by spring, this will be a 98 point car (out of 100). Not sure what points would be left to get to 100, but it would pass for showroom by then.

    Anyway, none leak any fluids, everything works on all four, all are original. Hope to get all 4 together some day and have a few pictures taken of this fleet. We've put a lot of work into them, would be glad to show them off soon.

    One thing is for sure - I had access to many used parts from pick'n-pull salvage yards over the years. It seems like just in the last year, that supply of 5th Gen Celicas has dried up. I have too many spare parts laying around from collecting over the 15 or so years we've had 5th Gen Celicas in the family (all started with the couple of ST's my son and daughter had as first cars in high school), but I'm sure finding good replacement parts in the future will be a challenge. Not looking to getting into a situation where we'll have to do that again though. And that other All-Trac that was used from my son's restoration had a lot of parts that I removed and put into storage, just in case one of his needs an All-Trac specific part.

    Anyway, sorry for the long winded post here. Just wanted to say that between my son & I, we have 4 Celicas that essentially have no broken or non-working systems or aspects to them, and nothing leaking anywhere. It is possible, if they are given the attention they deserve.
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