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Thread: The 3sgte Swap

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    I have a clean 1994 celica gt with ac and all...and I have a rusty mr2 1992 turbo with 100,000 miles rusty as hell leaking tho ttops cracked winsheild dings but I got it for 1,400 ...I had a few questions does the 3sgte engine bolt in the celica gt. ...should i use the 5s tranny? Or the turbo tranny and should it bolt on just like that.. and does it bolt on the way the 5s did? Also if my current stock car has ac is there away I can bolt it to 3sgte motor with out leaking out the freon..also can I use the turbo Mr2 cluster ans computer? Does the Mr2 interior parts like the dash and seats swap as well?

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    there are some differences in the mounts, the alternator is on the backside, stuff like that. but the engine itself will go in yes.
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    nice job enjoyed reading even though i have a gt4

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    if the 3sgte motor is AWD how do you convert the fwd to AWD or is it possible to leave it FWD?

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    Ok, I've been trying to read through but I'm a little lost. Sorry for the newby question, but I have somewhat limited mechanical knowledge (although my uncle who's a mechanic takes me through it). Un fortunately neither of us knows fabrication, so I'm trying to find out what I need to do to mount a 94-99 3sgte into my 95 celica ST. Is it gonna be custom fabrication for mounts, or is there a mount setup I can buy to still do this myself. Any info would be appreciated. I'm loving this community for all the knowledge I've gained from here. Thanks alot everyone!

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    Sorry, forgot to mention, my ST is an auto transmission, should I still go with the MR2 5 spd? Thanks again guys!

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