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    Default Cooling and condenser fan. Need some assistance on troubleshooting.

    1992 Celica ST, 1.6L Manual Transmission. Sorry in advance for the long post.

    The radiator split open and blew the top off last week. I replaced it and did troubleshooting. I don't think my condenser fan has ever run so that's a secondary problem. Right now my cooling fan doesn't seem to come on while warmed up and idling. Or driving. Here's what I've done so far.

    1) Found no continuity on Fan Relay 1 with 12V applied, so replaced relay.
    2) Replaced radiator, along with new upper and lower hose.
    3) Most other coolant hoses replaced over the past few years.
    4) Replaced multiple hose clamps along the way.
    4) Replaced water pump, with timing belt job, 2-3 years ago.
    5) Rebuilt A/C last summer and still comes on instantly and runs cold.
    5) Replaced Coolant Temp Gauge Sender (spade end) and Coolant Sensor for ECU (two prong connector). Neither probably necessary. Purchased from Autozone.
    6) Added T-FLush kit to heater core inlet and flushed thoroughly.
    7) Added proper mix of coolant and water.
    8) Performed block test with blue dye never turning yellow/orange.
    9) Performed Radiator pressure test with no leaks.
    10) Changed oil, oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter (cause it was time).
    11) Bought a Beck Arnley Thermo Switch for the fan, Part # 201-1720.
    12) Checked all fuses and only found the CDS fuse with no continuity.
    13) Replaced thermostat with OE 180-degree replacement.

    The cooling fan comes on when I disconnect the connector from the thermo switch. I've tested with both the old and new Switch.
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