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    Default Need side motor mounts '92 celica st

    Seeking left & right engine mounts for 1992 celica st, 1.6L (auto trans), vin:F. Replaced front & back, unable to find any, including aftermarket, side ones (OEM: 12372-16190 & 12362-16181). Any assistance/suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I took a quick around, same result. Mind dump:
    - transverse engines exert a lot of force on the front and rear Mounts , thus the wide availability of replacements. Are you sure you need the side ones?
    - used ones are available on eBay and savage yards
    - there are urethane fillers that can be used to tighten up mounts. You might be able to partially v strengthen yours (requires a oem mount with space outside)
    - I know Anchor used to make these - or source then. It'll take a phone call to them to see how many orders they would need before they make a batch. Some one (you?I would then start a search of all owners to see how many would participate in a group buy
    - might be able to find a generic inserts that might work. Would require you to clean out the old ones
    - this is a common problem for antique cars. There is a market for revulcanizing rubber for old mounts. I doubt most of these have not done a Celica - but who knows. The process requires sending in your old ones , takes 3 weeks roughly.

    Eventually, this is going to become a bigger problem for all of us for older cars. All of us would probably have to pitch in in some way in identifying fabrication suppliers, specs for components (ie, what hardness is the rubber on a motor mount), 3d printing files, etc. Probably should set up forums for fabrication discussion in all the major sites, etc, etc, etc

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    According to both my local Toyota Service Ctr and a local auto repair shop they are stating I need to replace both side mounts and that its age related cracking on the rubber. The local shop replaced the front and rear ones. It vibrates more now than before and they are saying the engine vibration will cease once the side mounts are done. Car has 250k miles. I have been searching online auto part sites and eBay without success so far. Not even sure how to find out if there are comparable parts or if they're called something else besides side right and left mounts (i.e., transmission mounts, upper mounts, etc). I would need to find someone that would pull mounts out of a vehicle in a salvage yard -- do salvage yards themselves do that?

    I'll try to contact Anchor but thought they didn't deal directly with consumers but through Advanced Auto and those type of companies. Toyota suggested I go on a Celica forum for ideas. Thanks for your suggestions.

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    Salvage yards often have pickers or access to independent pickers. You'll have to call.

    The mounts for gt, ST, gt4, mr2 are commonly shaped. If you have budget to experiment, could try getting one of the others and see if some machining might work. Although, a 1.6 might be a bit of an issue.

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    Fabricating ideas. Took a part number and image dive.

    - looks like a mounting bracket is used to bring the 2 holes closer to the insulator. The insulator is shaped like other Celica/mr2 models. One of these others might work. (On a gt, a different mounting bracket is used and places the two holes next to the block)
    - if the two holes are spaced differently, you might have to have a machine shop fabricate a bracket to match.
    - or send your old insulator or for revolcanization

    - similar to RH. There is a mounting bracket that connects the insulator to the transmission. You might use an insulator from another model and see if your current bracket works. If not, a machine shop might have to fabricate one for you. This should be relatively easy as compared to above as these looked to be shaped from std plate steel in a press.

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    Sounds like a little challenging to find the parts. Try some online junk parts sites as well.

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    Thx all for the ideas, seems like a salvage yard may be the next direction while I'm still continuing to look at eBay in the hopes a match will come up.

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