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    Default Water Outlet Pipe Dilemma

    Threw a rod on my 91 GT Liftback (5SFE) a while back. I've owned it since day one so I'm a little attached. Found a beat up 93 GT Coupe that I was scavenging for parts and finally got around to grabbing the short block to use in the original 91. Having done all the mechanical work for both cars since day one on each, I thought I had figured out everything until. . . .

    When dissembling the 91, I found the water outlet pipe had cracked (probably when the bang of rod rattled the bock). So, I figured I would use the outlet from the 93 bbbuutttt they aren't the same.

    First pic is the original from the 91 and the second is from the 93.

    The 91 has 5 large ports and 1 small
    - bsv (control for evap canister)
    - water temp sensor
    - cold start injector temp sensor
    - 2 plugs
    - and something (button side) with a single wire
    The 93 has 3 ports
    - bsv
    - water temp sensor
    - and that single wire thing, now on top

    (The later year apparently eliminated the cold stay injector sensor and just reprogrammed the eco to use the water temp sensor)

    To keep things original, I need to find something with 3 large ports and another port for that single wire thing. I've started looking online but can't seem to find the part number. Been online in Toyota epc, diytoyo etc. Every time I think I find a number, I google the images and come up with all sorts of images suggesting the number is wrong. I'm going to visit dealership tomorrow to see if they can pull the right number and then begin not search but figured I would put this out there now.

    1) I would like the 91 part number
    2) would like to optional part that has at least 4 large ports (I'll use the larger single wire sensor in the large port - assuming they are the same function)
    3) is there another outlet option that would work?
    4) for any of the above, what other vehicles is it used on
    - no longer seeing 5th gen in the picknpull yards so will be looking at Camry or others
    - the one outlet number I found suggested the part was found on coronas and Australian turbo Camry's. Maybe a 3sgt or 5see cars have this same 6 port option as 2 of the ports were plugged so something elsewhere must have used them
    5) what is that single wire sensor? Could not find anything on the FSM.
    6) is the single wire thing the same function/spec for the 91 and 93? What is it?
    7) haven't checked yet, but are the large ports all the same size? (I know, lazy question)
    8) anyone have an extra?

    In the meantime,
    A) I figured I could use the three port outlet and plug the cold start sensor pigtail with a resistor that would mimic a warm car. If the cold starts are as problem, I would hookup a double throw switch that had two resistors in place in order to simulate a cold engine, then switch to warm.
    B) could try drilling and tapping another port in the 93 outlet, but would need a backup in case that fails
    C) I have the harness, ecu, injectors, etc from the 93 and could replace all of that to convert to a 93 powertrain ( I am using the tranny from the 93 as my synchros are worn)

    On an side note, I found a typo in the 91 FSM. The diagnostics for the water temp sensor and the cold start sensor show the testing being done on the same location on the outlet. Pics 3 and 4.

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    UPDATE 1:
    Toyota dealer shows part number as 16304-74030. They show stock in warehouses so I ordered one. (Probably should order a second and add to my spare parts bing

    Still looking for what that single wire sensor is.

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    Update 2

    Installed the new pipe. Did some research on the sensors etc (i thought I lost the original pipe and planned on getting new sensors as a backup).

    Toyota changed the 2.2 setup after the 7/91 production.
    - eliminated the cold start timer (comment below)
    - eliminated the idle speed adjustment screw
    - moved and changed the water temp gauge sensor, this is the single wire sensor that I mentioned above. The old one fit in a small hole on the bottom of the water pipe, newer one fits in larger hole on top. This was done probably so as to minimize tool setup and they likely had a a larger on available from a different car. Would have to test the output on each to see if it is the same , another time.
    - moved the egr vsv controller higher up to make more accessible
    - changed injectors
    - changed rotor, ignitor coil etc
    - changed wire harness and ecu

    Many of the changes were made to improve fuel efficiency. I believe I remember a discussion where the injector fitting went from all on to sequential but haven't looked for it again. Clearly though, if they moved the cold start increased fuel requirement to a ecu/injector pulse width controlled solution, a different sized injector might be needed.

    I'll be wondering still why they couldn't incorporate the guage signal into the existing water temp sensor. Never understood why they needed 4 temp sensors (fan, efi, cold start, gauge)

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