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    Default Mystery wiring - 91 Toyota Celica GT

    Hey! I just picked up a project '91 Toyota Celica GT Convertible (5s-FE) and it supposedly just needs a new battery and starter to run. I put the battery in and am in the process of putting the starter in, but have some questions on the wiring.

    There were two mystery wires that were broken with exposed wires. The first came directly from the positive terminal. I'm thinking this one is aftermarket and doesn't matter. Can anyone confirm?

    The second is on the main wiring harness just before the starter wiring plugs. There are two wires that come together to a connector of some sort, but it's snapped and the raw wires were exposed so I taped them.

    Here is a link to the album with photos:

    Can anyone tell me where these go? Or what connectors/plugs I might need to fix them?

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    The yellow one definitely looks aftermarket, the black one I'm not sure but I don't think Toyota used a lot of solid black wires so it may be aftermarket as well. Maybe check the wiring diagrams posted up here and see if you can find a solid black wire in that part of the harness?
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