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    Default Ignition timing question

    Recently I switched gas from mid grade to regular (top tier) and my car started pinging. Checked the timing it was advanced 5 degrees so I set it to spec. I am assuming this happens due to timing belt stretch which I have checked and adjusted recently as well. The car has lost a considerable amount of power and is most noticeable going up hills. My thought is if I run 92 octane through it (assuming there is no 87 left in the system) how far advanced could I go without causing any running issues? The car ran great when it was advanced 5 degrees and the whole idea is to squeeze out a tad bit more power. My understanding is that too much, advanced or retarded, will cause running issues regardless but there's got to be a happy spot as well right?

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    Stock timing is 10 BTDC. If you started at 5 and then set to 0, you have over retarded and Erin the risk of damaging the engine (combustion occurring when piston is traveling up).

    Good discussion on timing, octane and setting can be found here:


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    That was a good article and it answered my question 100% thank you very much.

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