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    Default Problem Solved------93 Celica GT 2.2 5S-FE: Help With Bad Idle/stalling and smells like its burning rich

    I Have a 93 Celica GT 2.2. I am having a Idle issues and the car smells like its burning very rich, The idling issues started recently and has never given a Check Engine Light. I did notice that unplugging the Map sensor did make the care start idling better but now its unplugged the check engine light comes on, Once I plug the Map sensor back in the light goes away and the engine starts idling bad again.. One thing I have done is I unplugged the line coming from the VSV to the top of the EGR and applied vacuum to the EGR and the car idle got better. So now I am trying to locate the VSV so I can test to see if the relay in the VSV is working correctly but what I am reading in the Service manual it says the VSV is down by the Manifold but so far no luck locating it.. Just not sure were to go with the whole idling issue.. Am I heading in the right direction.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks

    Problem solved
    The main cause was a Map sensor which caused, rough idle/stalling, Burning Rich and once it warmed up it would have a lack of power, I could press the gas peddle to the floor and it would just fall on its face. I also found a ECT ( engine coolant temp sensor) bad. The weird thing of the map sensor was it never threw a Check Engine Light ever from the day it started. I tried unplugging the Map sensor and the check engine light would come on, Plug it back in and it went away..I hope this might help someone else in resolving the same problem...
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