My wife & I were dead set on trading in the Mazda CX-7 for the Toyota 4-Runner. Just about 3 hours ago I got a panic call from her saying it wasn't starting. Get there, two attempted jumps, a battery test and a tow truck later it's home in the driveway and patched up (hot-start style issue, B+ to starter was corroded pretty bad). Now we're just done with the nickel & dime repairs this thing has been doing (more like $300 repairs since it's under warranty).

We're gonna go next weekend and start shopping again -- but not for the 4Runner. Since she's driving about 50 miles RT a day for work we're leaning towards a car for the fuel economy.

We rented a Camry (can't remember if '16, '17 or '18) and thoroughly enjoyed it for the weekend road trip to Cali. We have it somewhat narrowed down to Mazda 6, Toyota Camry (possibly Hybrid), Toyota C-HR. Honda wouldn't be out of the question but I haven't been in one for many, many years.

The only real requirements are back seat room for a 6' person (oldest son = 6' tall).

So Cliffs --

Toyota Camry
Toyota C-HR
Mazda 6