Hi there:
I am a new guy for here. I come from Taiwan,and I have a 98' celica gt swap 4th 3SGTE(from caldina gt-t st215w) and use stock M/T ECU for manual transmission by Engine modifier almost 3 year ago, and every thing is ok, no CEL no any trouble.

Then I got a mine's VX-ROM ECU but it is a A/T ECU,and I try to install it for manual transmission by myself, then the car can start up normally, run normally,but the max pressure could lock at 0.5 bar (this condition the ECU connect B-13(THO ATF oil temperature) open wire),then I jump the B-13 (THO ATF oil temperature) to B-22(THA intake air temperature), then the max pressure can increase to 0.6 bar,but also lock 0.6 bar...............

Could any bro teach me how to trick A/T ECU with manual transmission is best ,could I use THW(B-14 water temperature) jump wire to B-13 (THO ATF oil temperature) for trick......?

and NT+(A-16) NT-(A-15)[input shaft revolution sensor] 、NC+(A-14) NC-(A-26)[counter gear speed sensor] need to wire? Which pin can jump for ? or keep open is fine no effect for run?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post!