Sorry for my bad english. I was spending many hours ouf searching on the web where to buy now in 2016 OEM front and rear shocks for st162. My car is from 1989 - 2.0 3SGE. Please so much, has anybody some idea where to buy OEM shocks or what is the best replacement for them?

My ideas are..

1) buy the shocks from the st182. As i understand, the front is direct fit and on the rear must be somethink drilled. Please has anybody experience with this?

2) Buy the rear TOKICO (B3043/B3015 and B3044/B3016) or KYB but im lost in many informations about this solution. What replacement numbers, cartridge or not cartridge...etc.

Please, if anybody was made something like me - im trying put the car to the original state - i will be very happy for some informations about his way.

Best regards