Hello everyone.

First of all please excuse mybad English.

I am working on my ST185 i brocke the engine 2 years an half ago and the car was sitting in the garege sinse then.
Finaly I take out the engine from the car and put it apart, i found out that one of the pistons is damaged, notheng else is damaged, i try to find OE pistons but unfortunatly i understand the 13101-88381-02 is out of production and i can't order this anymore.
Now i am wondering is it possible to put rev3 pistons 13101-88480, because i want to make the car in the original looks and mods.
Only thing that i will change is the head gasket type, i will update it to steel version from rev 3 engine.
It will be very helpfull for me if some one can tell me is it possible to put rev3 pistons in to my rev 2 engine.