I've been gathering parts for over a year now and I'm ready to start the process. I've been following Luni's write up over at MR2OC about how to go about this.


There is a lot of go information about what you need and how to go about doing this in his thread along with another thread that is linked to his. It doesn't appear to be that difficult with Berk conversion harness that out there due to Luni's work.

I've got that and a 205 ECU that I got from lalojamesliz. He also hooked me up with the cold start injector plate that allows for the MAT to be installed in place of the CSI. I picked up the injectors from spitfiremk16. Thanks to the great Pic n Pulls in San Antonio I got the igniter, the AFM plug, the IAT. I've made the harnesses for the MAT and IAT and they're ready to go. I've made an adapter harness to adjust the voltages so I can use the gen2 map sensor for now. Here's a link to a thread at MR2OC on how to do this for either a GM 2bar MAP sensor or to adapt the existing 2nd gen.


I know that this isn't ideal but I don't want to put out $120-150 bucks for a 3rd gen right now. I've been looking trying to find a decent deal on one in Europe but so far no luck. Based on that thread and few other things I've find this should work for now.

So, the weather is supposed to be good tomorrow. I've got the day off and I'm going to start tomorrow morning. I'm going to try to take pictures as I go and post my experiences up. Changing the injectors is supposed to be about the worst part.

Wish me luck.