Hi everyone,

New to the forum but long time Celica owner (gone through about 5 of them now). Anyway, in my garage I have all of the parts to fully reconstruct a 3SGTE engine which I would really like to put into a GT4 ('93 for those wondering) chassis that I have.

Problem is, I have none of the bolts for it. I originally bought just the block to replace a cracked one, and they ended up just giving me everything, but no bolts to go with it.

Now I've had a look around and there isn't a magical 1000 piece bolt kit around but I wasn't really expecting to find one anyway. So my question is, do you have any advice? Should I painstakingly go through, measure out every bolt hole and order it through a fastener supplier (probably take me decades)? Should I scrap it all together and just purchase a completed engine? Anyone gone through this before or know anyone who has?

Where I am (the land down under), an engine will run me about $2.5K. No idea what rebolting an entire engine would cost (probably not all that much) but I'd imagine it's a large time investment plus a PITA.

Many thanks in advanced