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    Cool Genuine JDM and USDM Toyota Parts (I beat any stealership's pricing)


    I will first state that this is not the "quick" option. Shipping times can potentially take up to 8 weeks. Most ship anywhere from 10 to 30 days though.

    That being said, I can get any non discontinued Toyota part (JDM, EDM, and USDM) delivered to your door at up to half the price a dealership can.

    Pricing quotes take a week to process. Please do not submit inquiries unless you are serious about purchasing. I can send you a rough estimate on pricing, but please for a full quote I expect at that point you will be prepared to send money. I do not want to waste the time of my importer.

    I would not recommend this service for large piece orders (bumpers, gas tanks, transmissions, engines etc.) shipping would be outlandish.

    Here are a few examples of cost savings you might expect:

    Gen 3 and 4 3sgte MAP sensor $150
    Gen 2 3sgte (USDM) Turbo pressure sensor $150 ($322 at your local stealership)
    Gen 4 3sgte Oil Pump $150

    When submitting an inquiry to me, please include detailed part numbers and quantities (or contact me for help with them) I prefer them to be sent in on excel spreadsheets to help keep things organized. I will be happy to build a parts list and send .pdf parts diagrams to you for a small fee of $15. It does take some time navigating the EPCs to track down all the parts you may need for a particular job. Either way, a significant cost savings can be extended in your direction.

    Here is a picture of what I mean regarding EPC diagrams: This one is an ST185 Engine Control Diagram

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