Since I have failed to post this meet here for the last three seasons (sorry)... I figured that I would give some advanced notice to our first meet of 2013! Previously, the meet has been limited to 6gc, but as Stacy and I have hosted it, we've opened it up to all Celicas and 'Yotas in general.

The meet will be held at Starved Rock State Park in Ottowa, IL , at our usual location. The Lone Point Shelter is located on Rt 71, click here for a map. There will be food, fun, story time, more food, teepees, hiking, plenty of car talk, weird smelly bathrooms with a tiny toilet thing and no light, strange arguments, chocolate shakes, and other forms of entertainment as well.

Date: May 18, 2013
Time: Noon

So far, there are 8 cars coming:

1. Chris & Stacy -Propane/Charcoal, misc foodstuffs
2. Devin (6gc) - Grill, Nebraska dirt
3. Zach (6gc)
4. Richee3 and gf - Homemade BBQ burgers
5. Luke (6gc)
6. John (6gc)
7. Norberto (6gc)
8. Jordan (6gc)

Post up here if you'd like to attend and if/what you're going to bring.

Everyone is welcome!