I have started working on my car for the new year.
My current plan is to start with the interior and work my way around the car until it is finished.

My first step is to strip the car of its interior components and fix the little things and do a good power cleaning.

My second step is to replace the Speakers, and Radio.

My third step is to paint the accessories such as inserts and covers and stuff.

The fourth step would be reassembling and addressing any further issues I run into.

My questions are as follows, what do people generally do to there interior? I was also thinking of light weight stuff, like seats, what aftermarket seats work well in our cars (5th-Gen)?

Other thoughts, I will be going with a Kenwood audio build for my sound system.

Being that my interior is of the blue variety what color would accent it well? I was thinking of going black or possibly silver.

What would go in that spot that is missing?!?!?!?