Not sure if this is the right place to post or even if someone already put this meet up but were having a celica meet on Jan 19 in Modesto at Vendetta performance. There will BBQ, music, and a raffle.
If anyone would like to help out and bring any food, drinks, or snack please PM me and let me know what would you like to bring.
This meet will be mostly for Celicas and MR2s. a few others involved will be inviting Scions, Supras, Lexus, and Zs lets get a great meet goin again like last time guys nothing crazy most of us all know each other and all know the rules already no burn outs no high revving no lames lol
planning on
photo shoot
and freeway run for photos

We have about 20 mr2s going and like 5 celicas so we need more celi guys! any gen is welcome. Hope to see you there!