While I still have my 6th gen (daily) and my offroader 94 Pickup, I decided I wanted something with a little more muscle and an American flavor. Then driving down a backroad into town the other day I came across a project too good to pass up.

1986 Trans Am, 5.0TPI, 700R4, T-Top, WS6 with 88K original miles! To make a fairly log story short, the owner was the son of the original owner who cherished it but was a bit of a drunk. It sat in his garage for years at a time, the last time going up on jack stands in '98. Dad handed the keys and title to the son, then weeks later put a shotgun in his mouth (no, not in the car)

The son had mixed feelings about the car and dragged it around with him but never registered it. It sat outside the last few years neglected. He decided to sell it for family reasons. My plans are to go through it pretty thoroughly and change out all the fluids including a complete fuel system, brake system, cooling system and trans flush. I did a compression test prior to purchase and it was 170 +/- 5 across the board.

I'll update this as I get a bit deeper into it but here it is before and after a good bath.



The really special part of the car is how MINT the interior is. The following pictures speak for themselves, but this is before so much as a vacuum on my part.


Headlight motors rebuilt
Tuning - its not running right, has a bad lean backfire
A/C recharge (R-12)
Brakes soft - flush may fix em
Hood and hatch struts
Further detailing