Alright guys, as promised, I wanted to get a meet going up in Big Bear when I got back to SoCal. Before we set a date, I wanted to discuss what weekends this spring worked best for everyone, so we can have a good showing. I wanted to find a weekend between the end of March and the beginning of May that we could all make. Too early is too cold, and too late is to busy.

The event includes meeting at Wildwood Park north of San Bernardino, driving the Rim of the World Highway (SR 18) to Big Bear, and a BBQ meet with fishing on Big Bear lake at the top. We'd make a day out of it, to have chances to stop and enjoy the sights from a highway that runs along a ridge at 6,000 feet.

Lets gather up the folks, and see who else we can get on board to join us for an awesome meet!