Logicmotorsports special sale on APEXi Turbo Timers


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Turbo timers are designed to keep the engine idling after the engine is shut down and ignition key is removed. The purpose is to keep oil running through the turbo to cool down the center housing. This is particularly critical after a hard run, where the turbines can spin at over 200,000 RPM and reach temperatures as high as 900C. If an engine is shut down immediately after a hard run, the turbines may still be spinning without any circulating oil. Extended and repetitive oil coking within the oil lines and center housing could result in clogging problems and damaged turbos.

The A'pex auto timer features a compact interface design (4 x 3/4 x 5/8 inches) with a separate control unit that can be hidden away underneath the dash. The Auto Timer is also the first timer with an integrated air-fuel ratio monitor. The unit reads O2 sensor signal from the ECU and extrapolates and air-fuel ratio value. The Auto Timer can detect the engine load before shutdown and adjusts the idle time accordingly. Finally, the Auto Timer has a safety/security feature that immediately shuts down the engine when the parking brake is released.