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Engine Management Systems
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Wideband/Air Fuel Systems
---Inline Wideband Uego Controller (Part#30-2310)

---Analog Wideband UEGO Gauge. 8.5~18 Gasoline AFR (Part#30-5130)

---Analog E85 Wideband UEGO Gauge. 5.7~11.9 E85 AFR (Part#30-5143)

---Digital Single Channel Wideband UEGO Gauge (Part#30-4100)

---No Weld o2 sensor Mounts for 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 inch piping

Analog performance Gauges

30-5144 Analog Boost/Fuel Pressure SAE Gauge. 0~15psi

30-5132 Analog Boost SAE Gauge. -30~35psi

30-5137 Analog Boost SAE Gauge. 0~60psi

30-5133 Analog Oil/Fuel SAE Pressure Gauge. 0~100psi

30-5135 Analog Oil SAE Pressure Gauge. 0~150psi

30-5140 Analog Oil/Transmission/Water Temperature SAE Gauge. 100~300F

30-5139 Analog Volts Gauge. 8~18V

30-5131M Analog EGT Metric Gauge. 0~980C

30-5132M Analog Boost Metric Gauge. -1~2.4Bar

30-5137M Analog Boost Metric Gauge. 0~4.1Bar

30-5133M Analog Oil/Fuel Metric Pressure Gauge. 0~6.9Bar

30-5135M Analog Oil Metric Pressure Gauge. 0~10.2Bar

30-5140M Analog Oil/Transmission/Water Temperature Metric Gauge. 40~148C

High Volume Fuel Rails

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators

25-302BK Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator. Black. Inlet: 2 X -6 (9/16-18) Outlet: -6 (9/16"-18) Gauge Port: 1/8"NPT