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    Default '81 Celica Liftback Project 56K warning

    The car was a gift from my grandpa. It's in relatively good condition and has only done 90k km's.

    Hopefully this thread will be a nice way to keep track of everything i'd done to it.

    I am incredibly new to the whole car thing. I'm due to get my p's in two months at the max.

    I would post some pics, but apparently i have to be a member for 7 days first -.-

    Pics soon to come!

    Inside wise it needs new carpet, reupholstered seats, and the plastic bits could use a splash of paint.

    Running wise there is a fairly long list that i am aware of so far:
    Engine orientated:
    • Vacuum leaks from intake manifold
    • Engine oil leaks
    • Misiring at idle/startup
    • Front brake hose split

    • steering box requies adjusting
    • Front and rear shocks leak
    • Inner tie rod ends worn
    • lower inner control arm bushes worn
    • Pitman arm worn

    • Drivers seat broken
    • radio aerial
    • Battery failed load test
    • W/screen wiper leaks at t hub
    • Plastic covers at the base of the boot and that cover the latch are broken

    And what i've done so far:
    • Replaced all spark plugs
    • replaced most bulbs
    • Replaced radiator cap

    I'm planning on getting the car down to a mechanic this week for a further inspection and a quote.

    If anybody has any thoughts/comments/suggestions please feel free to comment or contact me
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