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Thread: bov install

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    Default bov install

    hey guys, can someone help me to install a bov on gt4 st185, or is there a write up on this or something...

    thanks guys...

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    Senior Member DudeMan will become famous soon enough DudeMan's Avatar

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    Stock top mount intercooler?

    You can either weld a flange to the the intercooler itself, like the picture above, or you can get a Samco T hose that replaces the stock piece between the intercooler and turbo.

    Aside from that you need a vacuum source, there's usually an plugged nipple on the back of the intake manifold you can use, or just splice a T fitting in one of the lines.

    Here's a pic of an SSQV installed using the Samco T hose, credit goes to Meurz on AllTrac.net.

    His website is very well made and has several great tutorials, including a BOV install, check it out.


    1990 4Runner SR5
    1990 Celica GT-Four

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    Thx a lot for the help guys really appreciate the help!!!

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    Nice post dudeman. I shied away from the T-Pipe because there are few BOV's that will fit like the RFL and old SSQV's. The intercooler let's you decide how big you want to go

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