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    Default More turbo and manifold porn!

    Most of you know that we have been making some of the finest top mount turbo exhaust manifolds and full top mount kits for the gen1, gen2, gen3, and gen4 3sgte's. Equal length and equal radius tuned runners. 100% custom designed for each customer, and built to the highest standards.

    We have had lots of requests to start doing equal length, equal radius bottom mount manifolds and turbo kits and we're finally doing it. Here are photos of a bottom mounted, equal length, equal radius full turbo kit we're doing right now including a billet ball bearing Precision 5857 turbo.

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    Here's some photos of yet another Borg Warner S200 series kit we're finiishing up:

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    Here at EMSPowered, we make everything from scratch so that we have 100% control over every part of the build. Yes, we even make our own collectors. Many people have asked us if we can sell just our collectors. Now the answer is finally YES, we are now selling our custom made collectors for you DIY guys that want to build your own manifolds, or want to have a local shop build your manifold.

    You can order yours here: http://www.emspowered.com/storefront...roducts_id=473

    Here are a few photos of a small form factor v-band collector that we just finished up yesterday for a top mount Gen3 billet Precision 5857 kit we're building for a customer:

    And the v-band turbine housing it's going on:

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