Hey everyone,

Ogopogo this year will be August 5-7. Time to book your calendars and those days off from work if you can!

The Run of the Ogopogo meet is held annually in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

I noticed that the Sun Valley Cruise In folks sent out a registration email. Don't register yet. There was some suggestion of doing some different stuff on the Sunday this year, but we'll see what is decided. For now, hold off on registration if you can - still lots of time to get the early discount if need be.

I think the detailed planning and everything will come after the Dragon meet (May 21-22), but I wanted to get our official thread in now.

Post up if you're going to make it. I think we will definitely have a good turnout this year as always! Can't wait to see everyone again.

-Actual First Name
-T-Shirt: Yes or No (~$20-25...we'll work on getting it as cheap as possible)
-email address (so I can send you updates when they are available)

1. ChrisD (Chris)
1988 GT4 (white) / 1994 GT4 (black)
T-Shirt: Yes x2
Calgary, AB