I just thought I'd give anyone in the area a heads up, 6GC.net is taking roll call on who is up for a meet in Utica, IL.


Where: Starved Rock State Park - Utica, IL
When: April 9,2011 @ 12:00pm
Map: Parking Lot

As it stands, we've got about 8 cars coming from 6GC, I'm looking to get more celica love out there. We will be having a cookout while we're there, so there's also a list of what everyone is bringing. Traditionally, this meet has been very chill.... Everyone just kinda shows up, intros, foodstuffs, photoshoot and maybe a hike through the state park.

Reply in this thread if you are interested so that I can add your name/sn to the list.

Here's what we currently have from 6GC:
1. Richee3 and GF- Burgers/Buns.
2. 4eyedfreek and GF
3. Chris and Stacy- Puppy Chow/Pico/Good stories for the rest of us to listen to.
4. zake and possibly a friend (depends on her work schedule)- chips/plates
5. enderswift
6. Bitter (?)
7. BigBlock and wife- Soda/Water/Charcoal/Lighter Fluid.
8. Stambo
9. SoDo (?)
10. Cheela (?)
11. Driver
12. Shigexile and gf (?)
I look forward to seeing who else can make it out there!