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    Default 1988 JDM GT-R with TEMS

    Bought my 88 TEMS on T/me for $350 back in May 09

    Car was in pretty bad shape, no WOF or rego, blown motor etc, but as I'd bought it for spares it wasn't a problem.
    Only when I saw the special rev counter and TEMS switch, the electronic shocks etc did I decide to restore her and scrap the other body.

    History is interesting, imported from JDM in 95 and sold by a Sports Car dealer in Newmarket for $18 000.
    It was bought by a young lady and driven by her for 11yrs.
    Most GT-R's were selling around that time for $8000
    The 2nd owner was a guy in Papatoe, fortunately he only had it for 3yrs

    The whole idea behind this car was to enhance/update/customize the car without using anything that wasn't OEM/TRD.
    So not only is the car itself scarce but the changes are unique.

    Stock Navy interior, electric drivers seat, retracting mirrors

    R/T/CD fitted as standard - never seen one of those before

    TEMS front shock setup

    Motor is the 3S-GE GELU gen1, version - later I found out there are actually 2 VERSIONS of this gen1 motor -
    pics and explanation to follow

    Tems computer lives next to the rear seat, besides the lamp failure computer

    The gauges - not your average JDM!, I have another 240k speedo plus some OZ
    versions if anyone is interested

    6 months of stripping, prepping and swapping and she flew through WOF early in December,
    the full story is listed on st162.net - 27 pages of pics/info

    I'd been collecting spares for 3yrs and by then had aquired 2 other complete cars and
    a mountain of hard-to-find parts for my project

    1st step was to add the 5 Gen7 rims & tyres I'd bought (you guessed it) on T/me for $400

    Somehow these rims seem to bring out the best in the ST16x series

    Followed by the ST202 front brakes/calipers I'd aquired for the pricely sum of $80 at PickaPart,
    here's a comparison shot - the gen6 brakes will not fit under stock 14' rims

    A Gen2 exhaust installed and a 3 core Corona diesel radiator fitted -
    radiator was later replaced with a 2 core ST162 automatic version due to clearance/hose problems

    A set of smaller ST182 radiator fans installed to make room for those headers

    New Nolathane bushes installed along with 202 brakes, I junked the dust covers

    Gen1's seem to all suffer from harness chafe across the head and can lead to some interesting wiring faults

    A "new" one was sourced from a dead ST182

    The NADM repeaters are flat and have reflective material inside, courtesy of a friend in California

    No it's not on - that's a reflection of the camera flash

    There were no rear grafix - I made these matte black versions up myself and now able to make up any Celica grafix to OEM specs or custom

    Now you see them, now you don't
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    Never a fan of the blue interior or the leaking dash vents, blocked heater system meant an interior stripdown,
    plus a remote alarm & new sound system waiting in boxes

    And so the interior stripdown began

    The heater system was a joke, leaves and rust everywhere and some resident huntsman
    spiders persuaded it was time to vacate the premises

    Made up a replacement parcel shelf from ACM

    Part of the alarm/sound install with it's own fusebox

    Every panel, channel was rustproofed and sprayed with fish oil
    places of interest are the windscreen, rear windows and boot area
    Thankfully I no longer have a sunroof to contend with

    The rust on the donor car screen, common on all these cars

    The sunroof was an eye opener on the donor car, the lid was almost completely
    rusted through but even more alarming was the way rust was speading it's way back to the rear
    on the inside of the roof

    Window winders were failing due to rust having eaten the teeth away!

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