Alright, maybe I'm missing something here, I am sort of an arm chair commando. I'm all read, and not tried (yet!). So I've been looking at rims for the car. I've been looking a *long* time, I know people go to ridiculous lengths to shave weight [As the prices of wheels have reflected]. And I've read in the weight thread people with sub 14 lb wheels.

Alright, for starters - most people are in the 16+ range on tires, my question is, if I stick with 15-16" tires, opposed to larger [or even 14 for the sake of arguement] will the tire add weight more than a larger rim and a larger [but thinner?] tire. I hope that makes sense. I'm not too keen on going too big - but I would like to buy with the future in mind. I don't plan on turning the car into anything more than a Super Daily, with potential for track [I'm sold on potential, I'd like to be ABLE to go, but in reality I likely never will - but I'm rambling, on to question two].

What is optimal sizing for a tire? I've seen so many people saying 7 is enough, I had a buddy that taught me a thing or two [He's a VW fan] who told me I shouldn't go less than 8. I don't plan on a wide body kit, and I don't mind rolling fenders, but with the least amount of hassle how big can I go? 7.5? Or maybe a better question is, what's the optimal tire size for a Super Daily? I love curvy roads, and again, I'm sold on potential.

It's a st165 & I have a stock suspension at the moment, and am still trying to decide what to replace it with, I know about the sealed rear struts and plan on removing those asap[I don't want to milk another thread out of this, if people have advice on suspension let me know - I'm kind of sold on coilovers - you guessed it, potential] Do I need to pick my suspension first and then tires? I've found some relatively cheap wheels in the 14-15 lb range.