Name: Daniel
Age: 25
Occupation: Software developer
Location: Denmark
Car: 1990 Toyota Celica GSI (MK5 - completely stock and original!)

Can't post links/pictures yet, so can't even show my car(s)

Okay, that's the quick facts sorted out. If you want to know more, please read on.

So, as stated above, I'm 25 and from Denmark. I finally got my drivers license May last year, but then unfortunately crashed in October.
Long story short, I completely blacked out when driving on a smaller road and didn't get to stop at a full stop, resulting in me getting continuing out on the larger road and getting hit from the left by another car. I was travelling at roughly 80km/h, as was the other car, so it's probably not a surprise to anyone that this wasn't just a tipped off bumper. My car completely went off the ground, rolled in the air and landed top down, down a slope about 25m away.
Luckily noone got seriously hurt. The 3 passengers in the other didn't get hurt at all, and I got away with a severe concussion and some fiber ruptures in the back.
A friend of mine was driving behind me and saw the whole thing, which I'm pretty glad he did since I am still not able to remember a single thing from that day. Several hours before and after the crash are completely blank, and I have no idea about the accident either. All I "remember" is what he has told me afterwards, since he had been around me all the day and right after the crash.
I later lost my license because of the crash, and had/have to take a new course which I'm then going through right now.
The car I crashed was a Ford Mondeo MK2 1,8 (1997), completely rigged out as the ST200. Gorgeous car.

I've been told to always try and be positive about whatever happens, so same goes for all that. Ever since I first saw the first Celica MK5 model on the street where I live, which has probably been in 1995 or so, I've wanted one so bad. I've always loved the looks of it, and even though the MK6 is way more rounded and race'ish looking, the MK5 still has my heart.
When looking for a new car after the crash, I stumbled upon an add for this one Celica located about 200km away. Called the guy, and a week later the car was standing in my garage.
The car it self has a long story, but I'll spare you for that (for now at least).

I've never been much of a car guy, neither mechanics nor the electrical stuff. But after getting the Celica in December, I've been digging and playing around with the car just to figure out how it works. Probably silly to some, but hey, we all gotta learn it one way or another

I made the profile on this website in order to get some help on the car, and just to "meet" you other Celica owners.

Quite the long post, but what the heck.

Have a nice day!