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    Default Dragon MR2 Incident

    Most of you guys don't know this, but back durring the end of the Dragon trip I had a little accident. I thought I would post this here to cronical my adventures so to speak.

    We stayed in a cabin on Happy Valley road, which is right at the begining of the dragon (right at the rock slide this year unfortunatly). We were taking Happy Valley north to Maryville, there is a 180° hairpin that is just after where it crosses under Foothills Parkway, there is a dip right in the apex on the inside, my rear wheel hit it and the back end kicked out, caught traction and threw me in to the side of the mountain.

    I cut down about four or five trees and ended up back on the road. I got very lucky in several ways in this accident:
    1. No one was hurt.
    2. There was no gaurd rail on the road, and there was about a 60' drop, luckaly I went up the mountan.
    3. My windshild didn't break, airbag didn't go off, and radiator and ac condenser didn't get cracked, however were very much bent. The fans stopped working, but its an MR2 so I didn't need 'em anyway.
    4. A cop showed up 5 minutes after (the only cop we saw the entire time were were there, not counting on the dragon) and didn't give me a ticket, and even offered to call a tow truck for me (if only there were more cops like her).
    5. I drove the car all the way back to Mobile. It never ran hotter than it normally does, and after I adjusted my toe it drove mostly strait.


    Lumberjacking. I'm do'n it wrong.

    We ripped the bumper cover off, took off the now "V" shaped crash bar and threw them off the side of the mountan. The lower radiator support was literally ripped off the frame, the frame is only slightly dented where the crash bar bolts to the rails, both fenders and hood are bent up, the bumper support is mega bent up, the strut rod mount is bent and the floor board on the passengers side has a nice bulge in it.

    After this I was looking for a decent hard top shell to swap all of my stuff in to, but all the ones I found were either beat to hell or too far away so I decided to stick with what I had. I ordered a Front nose cut form CRW and since I had to re-paint the car I decided to get everything that I wanted on the car before the paint. I ordered new window moldings, rear 1/4 windows, a brand new set of 94+ tails, a 94+ spoiler and trunk lid, and found some stock FD RX7 wheels. Now I'm trying to find some JDM thin door molding.

    CRW had to order the front cut from Japan, they said it was going to take several months to get it. So far its been about 6 weeks, It just arrived in the country last week so hopefully I'll see it soon.
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