The coupe stayed home this year and I hitched a ride with Seth, MCcelica. It's not nearly the journey I took last year. This time was straight to Knoxville, and we'll be going straight home after the event. I kinda like it better this way though, as Knoxville is the highlight of the trip.

Goodbye, Mile High City!

Goodbye Colorado...

...and hello Kansas.

First gas stop, Wakeeny, KS:

On the road pics of Kansas City, both KS and MO versions:

Second gas stop, Concordia, MO(apperently lift=9000MPG+):

I'm pretty sure this was the Ohio River:

Louisville, Kentucky:

Grayscale has a highway exit!

Random shot:



Random mountain shots(these hills that are below the timber line fascinate me!):

The heavens shining down on our destination, Knoxville:

There's more but I'm getting really bored. Car pictures coming later.