Chaos has been around a while now. She and I have been doing this game we call love for nearly a decade.

Through this decade, she has gone through a few stages.

I will try to detail these as accurately and closely as possible.

She is Twenty this year, and she portrays her age gracefully.

She has gone from stock, to ricer, to mild stock and now rat rod import canyon carver.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of her stock form, but who here hasn't seen what a 1990 Celica ST looks like?

Not long after Chaos came into my life, she was laden with gifts, gifts that at the time were cool. And to all the haters, I still think she looked hot.

Chaos' first gift was a set of Enkei RS6 wheels, the massive wing soon followed. A little bit of detailing, some window tint and smoked lights, and Chaos showed up to her first meet looking quite the spectacle.

A few years later the wing came off and Chaos went back to mild stock, keeping her new shoes.

It would be a few years again before any major changes occurred, and sadly it would be a major one.

On an evening coming home from work, Chaos had what we like to call 'The Guardrail Incident.' After swerving to avoid an individual who missed his exit, Chaos had an abrupt introduction to a steel guardrail at around 70 miles an hour.

We survived, worse for the wear.

It would take a bit of work, and the replacement of a few parts like axles and wheel bearings, but Chaos was a trooper. Even in her diminished shape, she continued to be the daily driver for my entire family, ensuring that we could survive.

It would be during this time that her trusty Enkei wheels, which had been so steadfast (and lasting through 3 sets of tires) would be fatally wounded.

Through no fault of my wife's. And I mean that, she didn't have anything to do with the problem... Chaos seemed to weld her lugnuts to her wheel studs.

Due to the design of the RS6, it was nearly impossible to remove the spline drive lugs. Tapping, beating, drilling, all routes were impervious.

Enter the cut off wheel.

I replaced some wheel studs, got her some new wheels, and Chaos was back up and running in no time.

A little bit of effort, a new door, hood and a fender and she was mostly straight again, if a bit mismatched.

But the look has grown on us.

It is throughout this time that she also received a set of EDM Celica headlight housings, which are pretty nifty. They are glass H4 housings that curve to meet the contours of the 5th Gen.

Now, that is not to say that our tale is not fraught with tragedy either.

Chaos has been vandalized three times, costing her much damage and myself many dollars of loss. She has had her driver's side window smashed twice, lost her system, console lid and bending her decklid quite badly. This also lead to her passenger side hinge to break. She was also backed into once, causing damage to her door, which was worsened weeks later when 'The Guardrail Incident' occurred. And then most recently, she was hit again while she sat in her parking spot minding her own.

So now that you think you know Chaos, sit back and watch as this thread progresses to show what is to come.

Her most recent gift is a set of Megan Racing coilovers that should be here this week. She will be receiving new ball joints and tie rod ends at the same time, before being fitted for her latest set of tires.