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    Default Matt's Project A4 Quattro

    Alright soo I decided to get out of the Celica game due to my terrible luck with the 3 I had =[ and aside with my new A4 =]

    A few weeks ago I came along an Audi A4 2.8Litre Quattro(awd).
    as of all used cars they have their ups and downs

    -S4 struts and shocks
    -S4 brakes and rotors
    -VOGTLAND lowering springs (only 1.5 inches, dropping her on her ass is in the near future =])
    -5spd manual
    -Leather interior

    -177k miles
    -gas guage rarely works
    -passanger side window will not roll down due to a broke green clip
    -rotors have been turned once
    -driver side seat has a slight tear in the ass, its whatever.

    Now for the plans =]]:
    -Fix the damn gas guage ASAP (came a little too close for comfort a few times)
    -Fix the passanger side window
    -Find a motor to rebuild since the current one probably won't have too much time left, I am currently in deep thought of either the 2.8 30 valve, or the 1.8t???? any suggestions?
    -Exhaust system (currently looking for one hahh)
    -Body work-
    -RS4 Body Kit (nothing drastic)
    -Blacked out tails
    -Tenzo R Cuzco ll Charcoal rimshttp://www.wheelsnext.com/images/wheels/large/tenzo_cuzco_blk_2.jpg
    or Audi RS4 Rims (i know in the picture the rim has a BMW logo on it, but its really and Audi rim just swapped the center)http://www.modbargains.com/zoom_img/...1155243368.JPG
    -Drop her on her ass
    -Paint the car Pure White(black everything else out)
    -1 piece halo projecter head lights
    - and whatever else I find necessary hah

    ^^ all of this will slowly be coming into play once some of you guys/gals buy some of my forsale items =]


    well here is a few teaser pics of her =]

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    Nice car. My buddy had one just like that but silver. He beat the ever living piss out of that car till every single warning light on the dash was lit, no exaggeration. The thing just kept on going it was insane. He had the 2.8 also but it was bone stock and pretty slow. My 165 when it was bone stock could barely beat him and a 165 stock is pretty slow also lol.

    Good luck with it.
    Red st165
    White st165
    Black st165 (finally gone)

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    my friend and his wife picked up a newer a4...it has the 1.8t. Its slow as shit. I love the interior though, its very sporty. The knobs that control everything in the car like seats and sunroof are really different. For example, you spin a dial and the sunroof automatically retracts. But, its given them minor problems all the time. The day they bought it it threw a check engine light, the factory cd player has locked itself up, the power mirrors don't work, and don't forget the oil changes are extremely expensive. Me and him did it ourselves in my garage...and it was 75.99 from autozone! it takes 0w-30...I had never heard of this type of oil before, it is seriously, thinner than water.

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