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    Default Rattling sound, possibly tappets or bearings?

    Hi people, i've been a lurker for a while, finally needed to make use of some of the excellent knowledge on this forum.

    About a week ago, out of the blue my 98 Celica SR (7aFe) started making a ticking sound when idling, and makes a rattling sound in all gears when i get to about 2800rpm. Having had a nosey around under the bonnet It seems to be coming from the head, and a friend of mine who knows more than I do on these things suggested it is either the tappets or the bearings.

    Has anyone got any idea if this is a big job, if it is worth fixing or if it could be something else?

    Any response is greatly appreciated.


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    There's no bearings in the head, just the cam journal surface [part of the head].
    I've never seen [or heard] of a Toyota engine wearing out the shims [tappets], even up to 200000+ miles]. Most dealers don't even stock them.
    They're only replaced if the valves, cams or head are replaced.

    Toyota engines are very noisy, and like to tick. It is possible you have a problem, but usually it's nothing.

    If something does need to be done, it's a relatively involved job, if you have no mechanical experience I wouldn't suggest starting with this. If you are mechanically inclined it is something you should be able to handle.

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    Thanks for the quick response. My problem is that I don't have enough knowledge myself to know exactly what it is and I don't want to get stung with a big bill because of my ignorance!

    I've been trawling the net for a while and this video has the closest symptoms to mine, although his sounds a bit worse than mine!... youtube.com/watch?v=QOc0gTo5Ozs

    Thanks in advance for any further help.


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