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So if ive got a 98-99 5s but used my 91 5s intake and wiring cold start injector...computer...etc. etc. etc. I cant use rev 2 cams? or what?
As was said the cams have to go with the head you have.

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would it be a bad thing if i got just an intake cam?
It will work but personally I would do both for a better power band. Jim Snodgrass did that with his 147rwhp build ages ago. What it does is line up the intake cam's torque peak with the exhaust cam's torque peak both around 4300rpms. That gives you more peak torque but it still drops off similar to the stock cams after that.

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after further research i have come to find that you will need new lifters aswell because the lifters and cams will be at different hardnesses and one will wear out quickly is this true? and would it be a bad thing to do just an intake came and a stock exhaust cam?
You need to redo the shims which are what comes in contact with the cam lobes. If the base circle stays close to the same then you can reuse some of your old shims.

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see i was under the impression that a 294 grind cam was a bolt on. wat adjustments need to be done to the valve train?
Depends on how you define bolt-on. You can do it all with wrenches, screw drivers, sockets and a feeler gauge. You just have to measure the tolerances after installing them and get the proper shims to make the clearances within spec. It is possible to do it without removing the timing belt from the cam gear. Shims can also be replaced without removing the cams like has been mentioned but it is easier to at least loosen the caps so you have a little room to work. Just always be careful to loosen them all incrementally and in sequence so the cam doesn't get bent.