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    Default Melbourne Cruise!!!! 27/02/05 6/02/05

    I'm member off celica.net, i was 4th_gen_junkie... Been a tiny bit busy to actually get onto the forum and sign up but here i am...

    Ok I'm usually quite able to organise a decent cruise and most of u melbourne people would say that the cruise i helped organise was quite well setup and locations were fun so this won't be dissapointing...

    Ideas are surrounding the idea of meeting up at 2 spots, West Melb meet the East melb ppl at Albert park and the East Melb ppl meet up at Knox city like last time and drive together to Albert Park

    The date will still have to be confirmed but ideas were on this basic info

    BBQ - We can even buy something from somewhere if necessary, maybe grab like Pizza's or KFC or something, but then cruise later down the track to somewhere such as the Black Spur or other recommended tracks to have some fun...

    Mini cruise Ideas
    Meet at 10-11AM
    Chat for 30-45 mins
    Leave at about 10:45-11:45
    Probably 10:45 leave might be more reasonable as we want a full day sort of thing...
    Drive as one big happy group of Celica owners to Albert Park...

    West Melb People
    Meet at about 12:00 at Albert Park
    Exact location is still to be defined but the date is more important and making sure we can get a decent turn out....

    Just need a bit of help with some other organising or cruise spots if possible

    Post numbers who may wish to come so I can get an idea!!!

    Thanx again
    And hello Everyone!!!


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    come to the one on the 13th too adrian

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    toymods victoria dyno day is on the 26th ..

    just so you know..

    im runnign the Gt4 at this stage on the rollers - so most likely cant get to the exent - but i am at this stage going to the one on the 13th for tsunami cruise

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