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    Default 2000 Celica GT: Automatic Transmission Worries and Question

    Hi All
    I just bought a 2000 Celica GT, with an automatic transmission (I could not find a manual after one year of searching). In fact, I spent almost all the money I had in buying the car, and this is the first car I have ever owned.

    Today, I tried starting the car, and as I moved the shifter from P (park) into R (reverse), I saw the light on the dashboard also go from P to R. But, the car wont budge. The tachometer went up as I pressed on the gas, but the car just sat there. I moved back into P, then back into R, nothing. Into N, then into R, nothing. Then into P, and then into R, and then, finally, the car moved back. (I never went into D).

    I am really worried because a friend of mine had to junk his Corolla one year ago because the transmission went bad. But I can't even afford to junk this car!!! It has all my money in it. I did have it checked by a well trusted mechanic before I bought it, and the only thing he suggested was a change of spark plugs and a tune up, which I promptly got done. The car has 83K miles on it.

    Could someone tell me how serious this could be? Could the transmission be on its way out? What should I do? In the manual transmissions that I have driven, sometimes the gear does not engage as you go into reverse, does that happen in an automatic too? (but then, how did it engage if I never went into D?) If I take it to a mechanic/dealer-repair-shop, what should I ask for?

    I would really appreciate any input. Thanks a lot in advance,

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    This might sound stupid but did u happen to have the Ebrake on? I used to do that shit all the time when I had my auto corolla!!

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    did you feel the shifter click fully into gear? if not it couldve still been in park

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