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    Default Adj. PS Pump belt tension

    fricken alldata doesn't have any info on how to torque or replace the PS pump belt.. I see that it is on the inner groove of the crank pulley.. It feels pretty lose and probably explains why I have hissing and loss in pump pressure when I am sitting still and turning the wheel.. Yes I've checked the fluid.

    Anywho, how do I go about it? I will probably just replace it as it looks pretty beat anyway.. but I need to know how to adjust it.. the pump looks pretty packed in too.. so is it easier to do this job from under the car? I assume I need to loose a tension bolt and eye bolt on the PS pump.. and then put the new belt on.. tension it back up using the tension bolt on the bracket.. right? Either way seems easier to go at this from below the car.

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    Two 14mm bolts, one on top, one on bottom.
    Top is a bitch to get loose and tight.
    While you're tightening the bottom bolt, pry out on the pump to lock the tension in.
    And yeah, go at it from the bottom.

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    Pry it.. just like it was on my corolla.

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