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    Default 7th Gen Faq's, Part Reviews, Warnings and How To's

    7th Gen Faq's, Parts Reviews, Warnings and How To's

    I am constantly updating this page.
    Last update 10/10/04

    If you would like a how to or find something u want on the FAQ's page, PM Me and I or one of the other moderators will add it.
    General Information:
    * Explination of Differentials Open,Limited Slip...
    How To's:
    * How to Change Manual Transmission Fluid
    * How to Paint the inside of your headlights
    * How to Disable DRL's and Auto On Headlights
    * How to Install Clear Bumper Lights
    * How to Install TRD Quickshift Kit
    * How to Install Autometer Shift Light
    * How to Install Injen CAI


    Source of Information from everythingcelica.com is no longer available.
    Will look into replacing these links!



    Handy Dandy Toyota Part Numbers

    TRD Standard length Exh GT 2k-2k4 $590.53 (part# 00602-17500-005)
    TRD Extended length Exh GT 2k-2k4 $612.37 (part# 00602-17500-008) for action pack or body kit

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