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    Default Power Folding Mirrors

    Looking for a write up on the install/wiring for the jdm power folding mirrors on a usdm 5th gen gts.

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    well i've been working on this for a while. Or should i say my dads been trying. i got a great deal on some jdm mirrors for $75 bucks on ebay. Thing is, it didnt' come with the relay box.

    My dads got it figured out as to which wire does what. He just needs the time to make a circuit board from scratch so's i can plug'n play the damn things. I really wish he could take some time out right quick and get this done. I know he can do this in no time, seeing as he made a board for our first truck to pop open the driver door with a push of a button and within 4sec. if pressed again the passenger door would pop open. That took maybe 2days, of tinkering around.

    I've kinda been in contact with another member from cnet about a write up sorta thing, and hadn't got much feedback.

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