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    Default 89ST, 3sfe Fuel Pump replacement

    Wife's car problem might be related to the fuel pump. She noticed it likes to chug and die when the tank is below half-full.

    So, other than RockAuto's almost 200 dollars for a pump (a HP walbro for my ImpalaSS was only $100) is there a better place to get a good pump?

    Also, other than the off-the-shelf repair manual directions, is there anything else I should know about dropping the tank and replacing the pump?

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    First, drive around until your gas light comes on. Then you want to take the rear cushion out of the car. Unscrew the sending unit from the tank and test it with your hand. Move it from empty to full and make sure it reading right. while your there unplug both the sending unit and the fuel pump. Next, on the drivers side of the car, you have 3 lines. 1 is the return, 1 in the feed, and the other is vacuum for the tank. Make sure you label them the way you took them off. There is a plastic cover in the rear drivers wheel well that you have to remove. Stick a jack under the gas tank with a piece of wood so you don't put a hole in the tank. There is 2 bolt holding the whole thing in.

    I have a Walbro in mine, but its louder than the stock one. I am running this one because I have a JDM Gen2 3sgte in my 88 GTS.

    Good luck

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    Thanks much. The walbro in my ImpalaSS has a whine too (knew that was going to be the case), but I can't hear it when I put my foot on the gas

    So even though I can access the top of the tank from under the seat, I still have to drop the tank to get the pump out?

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    You can only access the sending unit from under the seat. You have to drop the tank get get to the fuel pump.

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