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    Default How To: Install Clear Corners on Molded Front Bumper?

    I will be molding my front bumper soonly here, however I cannot get my hands on a set of clear corners so I will have to wait till after the paint to get them and put them on the car, however I have a question: How do you install/remove the corner lights from the car if you have a molded Invader front bumper? The Invader bumper has no access to the screw to unhook the corner lights, yet I've seen tons of molded bumpers originally have the amber colored corners and change over to the JDM clear corners?

    Trance4C, or anyone with a molded Invader front bumper, how the heck did you do this? Thanks.
    current project; looking =(

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    Actually.. I am able to reach the forward front screws that hold the corner marker in. So that is not an issue for me. The bumper luckly isn't a perfect form fitting triangular shape in that area, I have a feeling that is actually specifically cause of this reason.

    I would also not suggest molding the front bumper. While I am lucky and have not had issue.. many many people have. I would like to bolster myself by saying its just cause I'm a good driver, but who really knows. What I DO know, is that my bumper has been a molded setup for nearly 7 years and in that time I have met people that have wanted to mold that I have told not to and they have already messed it up. So.. please keep that in mind. Not only that, but when you do get to speed, your molding must be strong! My original body work on my car and kit sucked.. since it has all been redone. There are actual metal sheets that are slit into my bumper and ground down thin into the molding and fender. This is true for the front and rear bumpers. I would never suggest ANYONE do this.. as this car will always have this kit now.. but it is the best solution for keeping the front strong and attached at 140+mph speeds. I also have my own bottom bracketing that extends out from car to the bottom of the bumper. Reinforcement is key if you decide to go molded.

    good luck if you do.
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