Okay, so I've read a lot of stuff about how bad it is to use additives in your oil, and I'm not going to pretend that this stuff is any different in the long term. I am merely telling you about my short term experience with it.

I have a '93 Honda Accord LX Wagon 5spd. It has an F22a-1 motor (2.2L SOHC 16v, 120hp, 137ft/lb). Odo says 140,500 but I'm pretty sure it's been rolled back, I think it's more like 240,000. Engine still runs fairly strong, but it's losing quite a bit of oil (may be a leak, it doesn't smoke, I'll find out when it's warm enough to work on it). But it starts every time (even when it's -20F outside) and gets me where I need to go.

Anyhow, I've seen lots of adds for "Restore." An oil additive that supposedly fills in the scratches on your cylinder walls to improve compression and oil control in worn engines. They provide graphs to back it up. Whether or not those graphs are accurate, I couldn't say.

Anyhow, I decided that since my engine is so worn, and since I'm thinking of putting in an H22a, I don't really have anything to lose. So I bought a bottle and put it in following an oil change.

I didn't notice any appreciable improvement in power in normal driving, however I did notice an improvement in fuel economy.

Every time I fill up I let the pump run till it shuts itself off. I don't ever top it off. I then reset the trip odo and calculate my mileage. I do this EVERY time.

Before I was getting between 22-23 mpg (remember, this is a very high mileage motor being driven in extreme cold weather). My first tank of gas after using restore put up 26.1 mpg. My next two tanks reported 25.2 and 25.1 respectively. That's approximately a 3mpg gain with no change in driving habits or environment. Unfortunately, my oil consumption doesn't seem to have gone down significantly, which makes me believe it's a combination of valve seals and a large leak somewhere.

I'm not claiming that this product is brilliant, or that it's even good for your motor. I'm simply stating my experience with it. I do plan on using it again after my next oil change, so we'll see if it does anything more next time.