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    Default More info on poor gas mileage

    Im gona list everything that My engine has and you see if it would cause me to get 17 to 19 mpg

    1. Cold air intake in winter( temps in -10 a few days to 38)( filter last chaged in june 05)
    2.autolife plat. sparkplugs(4 months old)(pulled out nad looked fine)
    3.newo2 sensor
    4.vac lines (3months old) but they are easy to pull of, many leak?
    5. evap bi-metal valve for the purge line is broke, rerouted line directly to purge port.
    6.muffler ( fart can, but it is not big and sounds low, awsomeage )
    7. New things include a new fuel filter, ran seafoam last month,new wires and rotor and cap. timming and spark timming set right from when I last cheaked.
    8. 5-8 min cold starts to let it warm up when its below 38.
    9. oil last changed in june, ams oil ful syn.( changing soon) sligltly overfilled.
    10.tranny and all other fliuds new. and new P/s pump.

    I cant think of anything else thati may have done to affect gas milage, there seams to be no loss in power and it runs good. its gettin 18 and that includes 50 ish miles of 55mph driving. Im sorry for posting this again but Im getting sick of it.

    Celica 1990 gt liftback, 3sfe auto tranny(3speed with overdrive.)
    Any other info needed let me know

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    How old is the cat? Does the car feel as powerful as normal? Has it ever or does it now blow smoke, and if so, what color?

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    Cat is as old as the car I beleave, Sometimes thicker white smoke but only on realy cold starts and only for a second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by needhelpnow67
    8. 5-8 min cold starts to let it warm up when its below 38.
    It's more efficient, faster, and better if you warm up your car for 1 minute, and then start driving (but be gentle).
    Morwan Osman
    Navy Gloss '90 Celica
    Self-hating Toyota fanatic and bench racer.

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    So nothing up there that I listed would cause that..Well i did a last ditch efffort and changed my vac lines. I hope this works man.

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    I'm guessing faulty sensor. Temp Sensor, perhaps your injectors are leaking? Fuel leak from the tank or Vent line or something like that? Are your plugs black indicated running rich?
    1990 Toyota Celica GTS
    Tranny swap done!
    Fix the Fender that Avalanche backed into...

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    400ish Hp

    1988 Toyota Supra Turbo
    All Rebuilt and Stuff!
    320hp or so

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    White smoke typically indicates a rebuild is needed. I would say do a compression test. Does anything in the exhaust ever rattle?

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    The o2 sensor is new, Idk about the rest of them. But the engine only has 38,000 miles on it, I would not think a rebuild is needed. I can post a picture of what the spark plugs look like tomoro they where a little black but its hard to tell.

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    Are you down on power at all? How is your timing?
    1988 CRX DX - Drag Car
    Vitara/TT rod Z6 - Sinktrap Manifold - GM9 turbo


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    How about this; how are you measuring your MPG?

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    Power is good i think no real loss. Im messuring it by filling up full till the tank dohicky turns off. then reset the trip and drive around till its almost gone , then refil it the same and take the miles I went divided by the gallons. Timing could be it i never looked it over I will when I get ahold of my timming light

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    I know the picture sucks but its the best i can do. bottom of the plug has some soot on it but not much and the tip has some very very small brown spots on it.
    Last edited by needhelpnow67; 03-15-2006 at 11:00 PM.

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    dunno if this will work but some guy just did it to my car and it boosted the hp and gas mileage. He took sosmetal brand intake cleaner and speayed inside my intake and down around my fuel injectors. Helped a whole lot dunno you may wanna try it if it dont help that much at least its another thing to mark of. Even if it does help though it wont fix it completly only a couple mpg back

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    Hmmm, the plugs look clean. Have you checked codes recently? If its burning clean, could be something to do with timing. But you said has full power, hmmmmm. No gas leaks eh? hmmmmmm

    Check codes, reset EFI fues, drive again, check codes.

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    where can I buy this? ill give it a shot

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    Don't bother with snake oil cures, your very bad milage is a major problem that won't be cured by some spray bottle of crap. Be damn sure it isn't leaking gas, maybe outta that filter you just changed? I'd check for small leaks on the injectors as well, even tiny nicks in the o-rings can cause fuel to spray.

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    Could not find any gas leaks at all, the evap system isnt working right as the coolent valve is missing so i just rerouted it to the p port on the throttle body. It dont even smell like gas.

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    im also getting something in the 17-19 mpg range
    i dont know whats up but the gas is killing me

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    Then again ive never known what full power is, ive allways hada limping car. before my 5s died it ran for crap. then i got the 3sfe and it felt alot better. I dont know if this is full power you see..But it feels fine and i did the distributer timing notto long ago. could it be valve timming or the MAP?

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