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    Thumbs down Car sounds like a decelerating diesel engine...

    Okay well I finally got the engine head on and fired up the engine. Everything was fine, except for the lack of power and valve ticking on acceleration. I do have an aftermarket intake so that may be causing the excessive valve ticking. The lack of power is probably due to bad timing. All was fine until I drove the car 10 miles.

    Well when I was about 2 blocks from my house at a stop light the oil light turned on in a strange way. It flickered a lot, but once I started to acelerate the oil light turned off. When I got home I noticed some steam escaping from the hood so I popped the hood. Then all of a sudden the engine sounded like a diesel engine, like it was tearing itself apart. Immediately I shut off the engine and waited for 4 hours before checking the fluids. The engine oil was still normal and clean, however the coolant level was pretty low.

    What could be the problem?

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    What motor is this?

    Have you fixed the timing?

    What all did you just replace on the car? Did you touch the oil pump?

    It sounds to me like you lost oil pressure and/or the new headgasket didn't seal correctly. These are both pretty much stabs in the dark because I need more info.

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    This is just the stock 5SFE engine with a stock hg. As for the pumps, I did lower the engine and that might have damaged the pump behind the engine. I don't know what type of pump it is, but I remember someone telling me it was a water pump.

    Now that you brought it up, I think it might be the hg seal. I did scrape the previous hg off, but left one tiny scratch on the block near pistion 4.

    I hope this information helps somehow.

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    The oil light flickering could be that the oil pump has low pressure at idle the 5s oil pump is driven by the cambelt. Check with your local garage if you have the correct oil filter some toyota motors need a filter with a special regulator in it because the engine itself does not. this could mean you have run the mains or big ends. DID ANY OLD GASKET FALL DOWN A GALLERY ?. The valve ticking DID YOU GIVE IT A VALVE GRIND? If so the valve shims may be incorrectly set and that will lead to poor valve overlap and a reduction in power. A little scratch should not harm the HG seal. 5s motors are quite bad for the block cracking behind the water pump as the water jacket is verry thin around the frost plug

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    Actually I bought the head rebuilt online, so I don't know what was done to the head.

    As for the low oil pressure, I am using a Fram oil filter, but I have used them before without any problems. As for pieces of gasket falling into the galley; small bits of gasket did fall into the galley including some petrollelum jelly(used to prevent rust).

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    eeewww.... vaseline? not good bro... petrol jelly belongs in the crack... not the head

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    the ticking noise...sounds like a box of rocks eh?

    if so u didnt line up the 2 notches on the cams corectly or when u pulled the intake cam out u didnt put a service bolt in the lil hole on the cam gear which will miss aline that gear and cause that noise.

    lack of power

    hmmm u might not have the timing correct igniton or crank or both

    coolant usage

    add more coolant and see how it goes after fixing these 2 problems, if it dont drop that means all your coolant went though the system and just needs a lil more.

    worse case u skrewed up on the head gasket job.

    when i did my head gasket i dropped alot of peices of gasket in the motor but i ran sum cheap oil though the engine and drained it out 1000 miles later. all the crap came out, but i went and cleaned up the oil pic up screen and next oil change all was well.

    hope i helped
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    To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.

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