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    Smile 5sgte/ 5sfe with 3sge head

    Bored at work and found this site, dont know if anyone here has seen it before but it seems very interesting. I knew that the 5sfe head could be swapped out for a 3sge head, but this is the 1st time i have seen it actually done before and running.

    and modified all-motor 5sfe
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    Ultimo Miembro Fantástico Gigantesco Mike431635 is on a distinguished road Mike431635's Avatar

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    Dec 2004
    Tampa, FL


    I have seen that before, but he wasn't anywhere near complete when I saw it. Very nice.

    I hope he turbocharges it and takes advantage of that 8:5:1 compression. It'd be a PITA to pull the motor again and tear it down to put some high-comp pistons in. Clayton's friend made several 11-second runs (and could have gone lower if he didn't need a rollcage) with his 5SGTE setup

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    Distinguished Member johnL is on a distinguished road

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    Nov 2004


    That is an old site. He, to this date has/had the highest whp 5SFE known of in the US. Jim now is turboed.

    John L.

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