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    Question 90-91 Distributor question - pick ups/magnets

    I have looked everywhere but can't tell if the distributor for my 5S-FE has magnets around just 2 of the poles and not the 3rd or if I have a pole with a magnet that broke and destroyed itself inside the rotor cap. I've looked at some of the pics for buying but they all show the same side showing the one on the right side and bottom. No where have I found anything to show the third pick up and whether it has magnets or not. I'm having ignition issues and believe that it's all do to oil leaking in my cap thru the shaft seal. I've purchased a repair kit from kbox engineering and want to fix the magnet (if it's missing) while I have the dist. apart.
    When I visited Arlington Toyota in Jacksonville last week, I mentioned that this is the second time I have had to fix a problem with the oil leaking in the cap(1st cost 200 bucks for a new dist) they said it's not been a problem. But searching thru post on here and when I visited celicanet I remember several posts with this being a problem.
    How many of the 5S-FE owners have or have had a problem with oil in the rotor cap?

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    You have to remember, most people don't take their 14 year old cars to the dealer. Yes, leaky distributors are a problem. I havn't had it yet, just had to replce the o-ring for the shaft. I have a 90-91 and Ihonestly never looked at the distributor inside. I replaced the cap and rotor last summer, but didn't pay any attention, car works fine. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by catinhat
    How many of the 5S-FE owners have or have had a problem with oil in the rotor cap?

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