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    Default NASA Midwest @ Blackhawk Farms Raceway Beloit, IL April 15/16


    The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Midwest region would like to invite you to check out our upcoming events! We're expanding our presence in the midwest region to create more opportunities to participate in high performance autosports for all skill levels. We've got something to interest any level driver from wheel to wheel Competition Race classes to time trials (TT) to High Performance Driving Events (HPDE).

    Competition Race classes in the midwest include:

    -American Iron Racing
    -Camaro-Mustang Challenge
    -US Touring Car Championship
    -American Stock Car Challenge
    -Porsche Racing Club
    -Factory Five Challenge Series
    -Honda Challenge

    Click here to read more about our competition classes:

    NASA Time Trial is a national auto competition program based on a time trial style format with rules that establish car classifications to provide a contest of driver skill. NASA TT is designed to bridge the gap between NASA HPDE (High Performance Driving Events), and wheel-to-wheel racing. You can learn more about NASA Time Trials here: http://nasa-tt.com/About.

    NASA HPDE is a fantastic opportunity for a broad range of skill levels. Our four run group format provides a chance for drivers of varied experience levels to develop their skills in a carefully regulated environment. Advancement is through instructor sign off.

    HPDE 1
    This is where new drivers begin. You will receive one on one guidance from experienced racers as you learn to control your car and yourself. Your mentor will provide you with guidance as you learn to drive at your limit. You will address how to approach a turn, the fast (and safe) way around it, what gear should you be in, how to brake, how to exit and more. You will receive classroom instruction throughout the day. No passing is allowed in HPDE 1.

    HPDE 2
    Your instructor has determined you can drive on your own and you can start applying what you learned in HPDE 1. HPDE 2 will typically run on the track the same time as HPDE 1 so instructors will still be able to observe you and provide feedback but they won't be in the car. No passing is allowed in HPDE 2.

    HPDE 3
    You have progressed to the world of high performance driving. The speeds are faster in this group and contract passing in passing zones is allowed. This means that you must have acknowledgement from the driver you are passing before you are allowed to complete the pass and only in specific segments of the race track. HPDE 3 is when drivers are allowed to start carrying passengers.

    HPDE 4
    Congratulations! You have made it, no passing restriction except those of good judgment and rules of the road etiquette. You and your peers are now experiencing the joys of doing it right in a safe environment! You can now enjoy high performance driving at its finest. Those that wish to can petition to apply for a competition license.

    Upcoming Events:
    NASA Midwest's first event of the year is taking place at the scenic 1.95 mile Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Beloit Illinois April 15th and 16th. We are expecting lots of track time and group discounts may be available. (Contact me for more information.)

    Event registration:

    Blackhawk Farms Raceway:

    Satellite image of BFR:

    If you would like to learn more about NASA Midwest check us out here:

    You can find NASA's National website here:

    If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at gairloch@gmail.com.


    Jeff Roetzel
    NASA Midwest Marketing Associate
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